State Fair Results

Award Winning, Ribbon Holding Seamstress and Designer here…Front of 0-3 month Lemon Parfait Dress (which for the record is a completely different size and dress than what I made that Loo wore a few months ago) with matching ruffled bloomers. Back- Notice the seamed edges of each ruffle… Time consuming, but so pretty.

This was my FIRST ever jacket that I ever made. I have a few more cut and ready to sew up, but never did it… This was the first one, and it is made of cashmere fleece. I didn’t actually know at the time it was $20 a yard fabric, because it was a remnant and I got it for a dollar… that’s right… a dollar. I lined it with cotton pink and white damask fabric. It was a 2T, but HUGE on Loo last year. Thankfully this year it will still be big on her… 🙂 Get some good use out of it. 🙂 Newborn Fleece Owl Hat. These are just so cute, and “Whoo” wouldn’t want to wear it? That made me laugh. Can you tell I don’t get out much? Anywhoo… (hehehe). This hat got fourth place. It was unique among its competitors. Next year, “Whoo” knows what I will do… (enough with the owl jokes.)Last ribbon and it is the boy bowtie. I love this. I love how they look on little boys, though, you can’t see that with just the tie.

Those are my entries. I had a few more, but they didn’t place. I know what needs to be done to win next year, so, I am happy knowing that the judges were fair. There were a lot of entries, and I am just proud I can say I entered and won in the Kentucky State Fair.

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