Lace Crowns

A while back I saw a post on Joyfolie’s blog, on how to make the cutest sweetest little lace crowns. They were beautiful, and I knew I needed to make one for Loo. Loo loves being a Princess. If you ask her who’s a Princess, she answers “Me.” Spoiled much? Yes. I love the simplicity of these little lace crowns. The process is very time consuming, but it was completely and totally worth it. Bobby pins can be used to keep in place, but I found them more annoying than helpful. This one stayed pretty well in Loo’s small amount of hair with little problems. The introductory price on these is $10. There are lots of sizes, ranging from newborn to toddler. Custom colors can be requested. Also have shorter crowns for bitty babies. Currently I have 4 newborn sizes ready to ship, and 4 toddler sizes ready to ship. If you would like a custom crown or one pictured, place an order by emailing Evelyn. 

2 responses to “Lace Crowns

  1. Cute. Emma is just getting into that princess stage. It started while we were at Disney and hasn’t let up much since we got home.

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