Brand New Bottle Cap Bows!

In the last two years I have had a little girl, I have always seen the little bottle cap bows and wondered how they were made. This week I was determined to try. After multiple trips to various craft stores, I finally got everything together. Note- Fabri-tac does NOT work to seal the images, also, epoxy you get at WalMart in the hardware section, doesn’t either it dries a translucent yellow (which is actually stated on the bottle which I would have known if I had read it). *Just FYI* not that I tried it or anything. Note- Michael’s Craft Store is probably the nicest craft store (other than Hancock Fabrics which DOESN’T have the supplies needed) because they went and got all the supplies I told them I needed and had them at the register the three times I had to go to get something I forgot, further note, when going to the craft store with two children under three, make a list.

If you would like to place an order, or have one of the ones that is already ready, please email me at, and they are $6 each for the  Mini Stacked Boutique Bottle Cap Bows, and $8 each for the Stacked Boutique Bows. All can be personalized to your liking.

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