Twelve Days

Thirteen days until Christmas, and today is a bunch of 12’s, so, I am going to stick with 12. If you wait until December 24th, then chances are you won’t get your order in time… Items are shipping within two-3 days, so you do still have time before Christmas to get something special, and shop small and smart. We start with the Boy Clip On Bowtie. This is absolutely adorable and available in several patterns and colors. Little Man loves wearing them, and the fact that this was Grinch fabric, he was all the more enthused. These are available on sale for $10 on Etsy, and have free shipping, at least for now. These are a clip on style and stay on  very well even with a very active child. See the listing here.

Photo 4 (4)Photo 5 (4)The Birdie Handmade Bows have been quite the conversation piece. Loo is enthralled with them. She tells them all her secrets, and yesterday she told me that they love each other and have to stay together. Apparently, one bird is the Daddy and the other is the baby. She likes to wear the baby in her hair most. Photo 7 (2)Here she is wearing the birdie while going to the doctor’s office. She thought it was hilarious to shake the birdie in her hair… so she did for 10 minutes and then fell down. Laughing of course. There are birds, snowmen, holly leaves, Minnie Mouse, Christmas trees, etc. I have been making all sorts of them. They are fun to do, and I have been able to do a good bit of them.  I have lots of bows ready to ship. See the listing here
Photo 11


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