Custom Embroidered Pillowcases

If you have ever read “Guess How Much I Love You”, you have heard the saying, “I love you to the moon and back”, these pillows are pretty much my favorite. Available in different colors, shown in Black/White Pillowcases. These are ready to ship within a week, and Iloveyoutothemoonandbackpillowset MrandMrsGriffinPillowSet PlayfulPillowSetCustom Embroidered Pillowcase Sets

Options include, One end, of each pillowcase (2 embroidered pillowcases/$24 shipped), or both sides of each pillow embroidered (2 embroidered pillowcases, 4 total embroidered sides 2/$30 shipped). The “Play With Me”/”Inspire Me” pillowcases are reversible, and both say the opposite on each side. These pillowcases make great baby shower gifts, birthday presents, special occasions, weddings, etc. To place an order, email 


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