Big News

Lil’ Liza Lou has some BIG news. Twelve years ago, I started college, at Toccoa Falls College, in Toccoa, GA. I never got to finish the 9 hours I had left, because my hubby and I (just a few days after our marriage) moved to Louisville, KY for him to be able to start his graduate studies. It has taken a while, but, I am finally going to be able to finish up the last few hours I have left. What does this mean for Lil’ Liza Lou? Really nothing. I will still be doing custom orders. I will still make custom clothes for my babies. My hope is to be able to take the remaining classes this summer, while hubby is out for summer  vacation, and if I can’t, take them this fall. Either way, by this December I should be finished. I am super excited. I have been asked what will I do after I get my degree… Right now, I am going where the Lord wants me, and, since I didn’t seek out finishing my degree and it has all worked seamlessly (look at that sewing pun), I am just praying that what ever is supposed to happen, does. At this moment, I don’t see me going back for graduate studies, I don’t care to get any higher degree, but, I know God is in control of it all, and, I am just going with that. The shop in Charlotte closed, (SoBo Loft Boutique and Gifts), so that means I don’t have to worry about making enough clothes to stock a store, which is a blessing… a very unexpected blessing. So, I am super excited. If you want to place a custom order, email now, because, I am going to have a very limited schedule. dating2002 at Toccoa Fall College.

2 responses to “Big News

  1. I am so HAPPY for you Evelyn!

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