Lil’ Bandana Bibs

Spring to me, reminds me of babies, and, babies remind me of baby gifts and my own little babies, who are not so  much babies anymore *weeps quietly in the corner*. Lately, I have been making all sorts of items for new Mommas that I wish I had when I had with my now-not-so-little-ones. New today, here’s a great little drool bib. I can definitely say these are a lifesaver for any parent of a teething baby. These are cute and fashionable, and made of super soft cuddle flannel to be both soft and absorbent. I have LOTS and LOTS of different boy and girl fabrics available, and they are available in sets of 2 and 5, but, can also be ordered in higher quantities for custom orders. Sets starting at $10. They have a snap in back, and the straps cross for a special unique look. They can be embroidered, and are just a special gift for babies. bandanabib1 bandanabib2 bandanabib3 bandanabib4

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