Ruffle Revolution and 25 Minute Pants

I have had my Janome Juno Serger, now, for almost 2 years. I love using it for rolled hems, and, for that reason alone it is invaluable. Today I learned something new with it. I learned how to gather ruffles with it. (Insert Ohs and Ahs). Gathering ruffles is a VERY time consuming process. My previous method entailed first hand gathering the ruffles, which were never even, and I spent HOURS trying to get them evenly distributed, and then, sometimes the gathering threads would pull back through the stitches which means you have to redo the whole thing… Never EVER again. I changed all my serger settings, and it turned out PERFECT. Here are my 25 Minute (including cutting) Ruffle Pants. (Pattern Info HERE). ruffpant1Here’s a little basic how to.
ruffpant11ruffpant8ruffpant9ruffpant10Perfect 1:2 ratio.


Doesn’t that look nice? 🙂

8 responses to “Ruffle Revolution and 25 Minute Pants

  1. Brilliant!!! Only 1 problem for me, I can’t get the top thingy to turn.

  2. I am amazed! I hate gathering! You have just saved my sanity! I have the exact same serger as you, so this should be easy!!! Thank you!

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