Pageant Style Baby/Toddler “Monokini”

Lil Liza Lou Baby Toddler MonokiniTuesday at 2:13 pm, I was sent this picture (BikiniFox), from a potential client. My client wanted a handmade version of the pictured swimsuit. It has been quite popular on Pinterest, causing quite a stir of controversy. Being that I am not one to ever turn down a challenge, I dove right in, and in a matter of minutes of getting home I had a pattern drafted for it. That night I cut out and made a suit. Tuesday night, at around 7pm, I posted what I created in less than 90 minutes to a PDF Pattern Promotion and Sales board (on Facebook) to show what I made, and, within MINUTES there were over 200 comments on this little swimsuit I created… People either LOVED it or straight up HATED it. Wednesday I got all the pattern pieces for sizes 6-12 months up to a Toddler size 5 almost done being drafted, and I am going to release a sewing pattern PDF for it. For those that are intimidated by swimwear fabric or, are sewing challenged, I will be taking custom orders also. To place a custom order please email me at

10 responses to “Pageant Style Baby/Toddler “Monokini”

  1. Jerika Bozylinski

    I saw a picture somewhere of this exact style except it had a different pattern. Like flowers or something. I was wondering if it was you who made that same one? I love this style but I would love to have the pattern that I saw in the picture.

    • I have made several. I don’t remember doing a flower one, but it has been a while. I don’t think I have seen anyone making it, and I am also pretty sure no one has made a pattern for it.

  2. How much to custom make one

  3. Do you have the pattern available?

  4. Tiffany Schmidt

    Would love to know if you have the pattern for sale? If so where and how can i purchase it?

  5. Hey I’d love to order one. What is the turn around?

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