Hadley Mae


Hadley Mae….

It all started over a month ago, when A* emailed me “I will be delivering a baby girl in about 5 weeks. She will not be coming home with us. She will go home to the Lord shortly after delivery”. If you know anything about the PINK Program, (it was started when a college friend lost her baby unexpectedly, and, in Fernanda’s honor, the PINK Program was started) it isn’t completely unheard of for a kimono to go to a baby that isn’t expected to make it. I have personally taken over 64 kimonos to the hospital for preemies, and babies, but, for some reason, God laid this woman and her daughter on my heart. It has never happened before, and I have sent out hundreds of copies of the kimono pattern. I couldn’t stop thinking about this little girl, and quickly wrote her Mom back, and offered to help, if she would let me, that I would be honored to make her daughter’s (thought of one and only) garment.

I scoured the internet for patterns to make for her. In case you are wondering, there aren’t a lot of patterns for preemie bereavement clothing, and nothing that didn’t look hospital like and generic. I knew I wanted to have her monogram on the front, (I am kinda weird about having things that are just for one child, that’s why I embroider the kimonos, etc) so something big enough to do that, and then, I wanted something that was completely open in the back, but that didn’t look like a pocket or a bed sheet. So I decided to make my own pattern. Within the first two days I had made the actual burial gown, and then the keepsake gown I wanted to make super girly with ruffles, and the monogram on the front fully lined bodice, and, just be able to make it beautiful.

Hadley was the first person in my whole entire life that I prayed for that I didn’t have a personal connection with, that wasn’t a friend of a friend, that wasn’t a relative, not someone I knew, a complete stranger, but that I earnestly prayed for. Every day, at least 10 times a day, I would pray for her, sometimes more. I made it a point that if I saw someone pregnant, a baby, or a child, I would make it a point to pray for Little Miss Hadley. I really hadn’t realized to that point how many babies, children, and pregnant women you see on a daily basis. It turned into a lot of prayers for a little girl I didn’t know. Within a week I sent her package off to her parents, containing anything I thought they might need or want, as quickly as I could send it, because I couldn’t bear the thought of her not having something to bury her in, if the need arose.

As the days inched closer and closer to her due date, and the time ticked closer, I just prayed Hadley would cry, because even that was a long shot, and not expected to happen. Sunday, August 11, 2013 a crying Hadley Mae was brought into the world… which was a HUGE miracle. Minutes gave way to hours, and hours gave way to days, and days, they have given way to a week already… 10 DAYS… In total well over 15,000 minutes… 15,000 minutes that doctors said would never happen…. While no one knows how long she will be on the Earth, my faith has forever been altered through what God has done in Hadley’s precious little life. I am honored that God brought us together. So, that’s the story, if you made it through the whole thing, you deserve a cookie. God is so good, and I know even with what He has already done in Hadley’s short life, she is a testament to His love, grace, and magnificence.

16 responses to “Hadley Mae

  1. What a beautiful story and beautiful little girl!! God is so good. Thanks for allowing all of us the honor of being a small part of this miracle. I will continue my prayers for her and her family!

  2. Sitting here bawling like a baby! God is so good and has a purpose for this precious little one, no matter how long she is here on earth. Thank you.

  3. Leanna Martinez

    Praise God!!! Our little one was given 5% chance of survival just 17 months ago!!! When we put our trust in God and not dwell on what drs say, amazing things can happen!! This story blesses my heart!!

  4. Be Still and know that HE is God. The Doctor’s don’t know our comings and goings but HE does. His eye is on the Sparrow, he watches Little Miss Hadley as well. God bless her and her family. She is precious.

  5. Yes God is so GOOD… another angel is with him..playing with our Fernandita…It will be such a oy to meet them..You are doing such a wonderful deed. GOD BLESS YOU.

  6. That was beautiful…

  7. Such an amazing story. I would like to think my angel was involved with her’s. Her birth date was my Dad’s birthday. Bless you young lady.

  8. I have been praying and praying for you. you r loved by people you don’t know.
    I love you. a beautiful story of life and God’s Grace.

  9. It is so hard to cry and type at the same time! WOW I know Hadley’s daddy and his family – small town, Lance went to the school where I worked. I did not know this story until yesterday – oh my I love the story. GOD is SO GOOD. to share Hadley with us for however long to show us how to trust, love and believe in Him. Amazing how a tiny child can change lives. Thank you for sharing your talent. Now on to the chocolate chip cookies! God Bless You.

  10. Al and Amy Nasky

    Her grandparents Al and Amy We love Hadley so much and thank God for every second she is with us

  11. Al and Amy Nasky

    Her grandparents Al and Amy. We love you Hadley so much and thank God for every second you are with us . You are a true miracle and we are blessed to be your grandparents.

  12. Michelle Steinmann

    thank you for sharing this story 🙂

  13. I have never read, through the tears. a more magnificent story that miracles still happen everyday just as in Jesus’ time. God’s grace and mercy is alive and well and prayer works all the time and Hadley is in my prayers and God is a very Big God. This story should go on the cover of every piece of media so maybe we can remember who really is in charge.

  14. This is such a beautiful story…Hadley shares a birthday with our youngest daughter, Katie, who is a 25 year old teacher of first grade! Wish you and your family all the best and pray for you daily that God protects all of you!

    • Evelyn of Lil’ Liza Lou is not related to Hadley. Hadley is just a little girl the Lord laid on my heart to pray for. There’s no other explanation for our “meeting”, and I am honored to even know of her. I am hoping to go meet her soon. Flight is booked, and tickets have been purchased. Before I bought the tickets I prayed about it, and am just praying that no matter what, that the Lord is glorified through whatever transpires between now and then. I am going to see my grandma in Kansas and then we are driving to see Hadley’s family, and Lord willing Hadley.

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