Dream Is A Wish Dress


Loo has always loved Princesses, ever since she was little. When you ask who her favorite Princess is, she points to herself… Spoiled much??? Of course! She’s a little girl! Loo saw this fabric a few days ago and LOVED it, so, of course being my favorite girl in the world, Mommy ended up calling several Joann’s stores, and by “several” I mean, too many to say without feeling embarrassed at the time spent trying to locate, special order, and acquire this highly sought after, limited quantity, and completely spectacular fabric. To place a custom order email Lil.Liza.Lou@gmail.com. Sizes available- 6/12 months to a Girls 8. Pricing starts at $40.





4 responses to “Dream Is A Wish Dress

  1. I love that dress and I would totally order it for Emma if it weren’t 20 degrees here in New England. Sadly, Emma has no where to wear such a gorgeous dress. But, I will order something soon!

    • Stacy- Loo is wearing it to a birthday party. She is wearing a long sleeved shirt under it today and my plan is to make a capelet to go on her shoulders… At some point. I think it is special and can make even the everyday mundane, something enchanted and magical.

  2. This is an adorable princess dress. No wonder this precious little girl has such a big smile. Great job! It’s so fun to dress up our little angels in cute baby girl outfits.

  3. This is an adorable princess dress. I love your creativity. It’s so fun to dress up our little angels in cute twirling princess dresses.

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